Trip to Oregon: Day Two and Three

Thursday, Friday and Saturday I spent in Rockaway, OR at Twin Rocks Friends Camp attending the Northwest Yearly Meeting Friends Women’s Retreat. Like I’ve said before, it was a retreat for the Quaker churches in Oregon, Idaho and Washington.

It started Thursday night, so during the day I read my book while sitting in my mom’s office- it’s a lot more fun in the camp office than their house. We went to lunch at a new restaurant in town-the Beach Bite- and afterward we were picking something up from the camp’s 2nd facility and found a house for sale that looked perfect for a flip. My parents did one in a neighboring town last year and are looking for a new investment. The realtor was available to meet that day, so my dad and I went back that afternoon to look at it. This place is definitely worth a flip! It’s a duplex that can easily be opened up into one house. Don’t know if my parents are going to do it, but it makes Tim and I want to be closer to them so we can help them with their houses.

Friday we had solo time in the schedule and that was a good time. This is the camp I grew up attending, so have solo time there is a real familiar place to meet God. Then we had freetime in the afternoon and my mom, aunt, cousin, and myself went shopping in Canon Beach. For those of you don’t know, Canon Beach is the home of Haystack Rock- and is most famous for being where The Goonies is filmed.

I can’t remember what else happened that day- I have a good story for something on Saturday, but have to take to picture before I can do that. I’ll post that tomorrow, so for now, good night!


2 thoughts on “Trip to Oregon: Day Two and Three

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Amy!
    Sounds like your trip was a good one. I’m glad that you got to go to the retreat with your mom and family. Hope you have a good day!

  2. Michael says:

    Amz- you left out the part from your trip where you say, “Then I got to hang out with my cool brother and go with him to our other cool brother’s soccer game and meet an old friend. I really miss my brother and I’m glad we got to hang out.”

    I know you meant to say that and just haven’t so I thought I’d say it for you.


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