Finding God in Penguins

Last night I got really bummed out. This usually is triggered by something but doesn’t always cause the reason for staying bummed out. When I start to think about our greater calling and finding out what God wants us to do, it just gets to me.
So since Tim is between jobs right now and I have the random Starbucks schedule, we are both off today and decided to get a movie last night (we started off by wanting to go to a movie which would’ve gotten home after midnight, instead we rented and were in bed by 11- so much for being able to sleep in).
I was really interested in renting the WalMart documentary but they didn’t have it, so Tim grabbed a different documentary- March of the Penguins. I had heard a little about it, but we hadn’t seen it yet. But no one told me it was about mom and dad penguins keeping their babies alive! The whole movie documents what parent penguins have to do to keep their eggs and babies away from the cold and alive. I didn’t think I’d ever emphasize with penguins who lose their babies! 🙂
The dad penguins hold the egg through the winter and do whatever they can to keep themselves warm. This happens in weather 80 degrees BELOW zero. Yikes. The penguins do make it through the majority of the winter and then the eggs hatch. As they are hatching, Morgan Freeman’s line is “Their victory over winter has begun”. I looked at Tim and said, “Do you want to hear my cheesy thought of the night? Someday our victory over winter will begin.” As we laughed at me, I think some of it is a little true. Even though our “winter” won’t be as harsh- when we have child #2, it will in some ways feel like we have a victory over winter. I guess with anything in life, when you go through a “winter,” coming out of it is a victory. The other part of the analogy is that the penguins didn’t make it through the winter themselves- they huddled together in a giant pack to keep warm and traded who was on the outside getting the brunt of the elements. We also don’t make it through our winters alone. We have friends, church, God and many other things huddling around us and helping us be protected from the elements.
I don’t know how long this winter will be but I do know there is an end to the winter and I will feel the victory.


2 thoughts on “Finding God in Penguins

  1. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it amazing how you can find God in almost anything?! It broke my heart when I watched the part of the movie where the mother penguins lost there babies too. I can sure see why it hit a nerve with you. Your empathy is beautiful Amy, I know that God will use it for something amazing. Take care, friend, as your journeying through this winter. As harsh as it may be, as you said, spring will come again (and there’s my cheesy thought of the night). Victory is somewhere just around the corner.

  2. martha says:

    your analogy is great…and true! both in regard to the victory over winter and the not making it thro’ winter alone.
    you have just made me want to see that movie. i’ll have to check it out. martha
    ps. i’ve been out of town for a few weeks. it’s nice to be catching up on blog reading. m

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