Tomorrow I’m on the plane to Oregon. What was supposed to be a trip to see the grandparents with Lucy is now a good time to be with my family, go to a women’s retreat and catch up with friends. I’m excited to be on the beach for a while (my parents live in a small coastal town), I always love visiting. They work at the summer camp I grew up going to and I worked there for a summer in college- so it’s not weird that I didn’t grow up there. Actually, in a lot of ways I probably did.
I’ll be in Rockaway for four days and then in my hometown, Newberg, for two days before I come back to Colorado.

Things are getting better around here, we are approaching the two month mark and we are settling into our new normal. Having a job is helping to not just be sitting around feeling sorry for myself. It’s different to be working with people that have no idea what happened. I haven’t really wanted to tell anyone yet, and since they aren’t asking I just haven’t said anything. I didn’t really have a good story for why I left the Navs and didn’t work for two months, but no one seemed to really have processed that idea. I’m done with training, so I’m looking forward to getting into the job more and getting away from being the “new girl”.


3 thoughts on “Oregon!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hope you are having a great time in Oregon! How was seeing everyone again? The retreat? Hang in there with work, in no time at all you’ll just be one of the old gals.

    Still praying for you Amy, I’m sure that every milestone, everything that you had planned that isn’t exactly working out as you had thought, presents a new set of challenges and emotions. You’re in my prayers . . .

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