Hello Fall, Goodbye Summer

Today I was awake 15 minutes before the alarm went off, I normally wake up a couple of hours after my husband’s alarm goes off and he is off to work. So why is today different? Because it’s my first day of work!

I was supposed to start today at Starbucks with my paperwork and then not start training until after my visit to Oregon next week. But I got a call on Wednesday to do my paperwork yesterday and now I can finish my training before I leave! Today is my first day and I am SO Nervous!! I told Tim I felt like my friend’s daughter on her first day of preschool (she was up at 5 am ready to go!). I haven’t started a new job in five years and it feels really weird. Especially since it’s at Starbucks and it feels like I’m not allowed behind the counter, I’ve been a customer too long!

By the end of the day I’ll no longer be nervous and I’ll finish my first training session!

Oh, and Tim made us waffles this morning, just for my first day!


2 thoughts on “Hello Fall, Goodbye Summer

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hope your first day of work was a breeze. (The sitting-on-the-beach, salty-type breeze, not the blustery Colorado fall breeze, that is.) You’ll have to give us the scoop.

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