Warning- Long post ahead

I really have two topics to cover with this post- I’ll separate them a bit when I get to it.

First- The funny, a little crazy, and majority of our evening tonight- the emergency room.
*Warning- this could be gross*

Tim decided to stay home from work today because he started to get sick yesterday. After sleeping all morning he spent the afternoon in his office working on reports for work. We share an office so I was working on my own stuff at my desk.
Around 3:30, Tim falls backward out of his chair (he thought he had leaned too far back) and then while laying on the ground he started to feel like he was going to throw up. I was being the unsupportive wife and was laughing that he fell over, so Tim decided to go to the bathroom. I stayed in the office and heard Tim playing with the trash can and making noises with it. I thought he was messing around with me and the dogs so I didn’t think about it. Then I went to the bathroom and Tim was laying face down on the floor and not responding. I was able to wake him up and get him out of the house. He had a pretty nasty cut on his forehead and there was a lot of blood on the bathroom (and I was worried about the blood staining… what was I thinking!). We went to the emergency room and by that time the blood was clotting and drying up as pictured below (we pix messaged all the following pictures to my parents over the course of the evening):

We waited in the lobby with Tim looking like this for 3 HOURS. I’m still surprised that people didn’t really look at him or seem to think anything was wrong. We did get a nurse to approach us when we first got there, but once she realized that we simply had not cleaned the wound therefore making it look worse, she left us alone.
Finally, we got a bed in the ER. Since Tim didn’t have chest pains, we weren’t a priority so we had another hour wait or so. For a minute I wasn’t sure if Tim was going to make it:

But, a doctor finally decided that if he didn’t stitch Tim up he wouldn’t have an open bed, so he came to do the stitches. During that time he found out Tim works with computers and tried to find out how he could get a program written for himself- just do your job doc! I did not look during this time at all. I caught one glimpse of the shot for numbing and one of the thread by accident and that was enough for me. Strike two for supportive wife of the night.
We then waited for another 20 minutes for an apathetic nurse to come in and do the discharge. She was also supposed to clean Tim’s forehead up, but didn’t seem to care and told him to wash it with soapy water when he got home.
I debated posting this picture, but I don’t think enough people read this to really do damage.
Tim ended his 5 and a half hours in the ER with 17 stitches:

He had two lines of stitches but it looks way worse because he didn’t get cleaned up.

Topic #2- is this really happening?
The hospital that we go to has two locations- one that has more of a trauma center (Penrose Main) and one that deals mostly with the babies (Penrose Community). Once I knew that we were going to the hospital I was relieved that Tim wanted to go to Main, since I haven’t been back to the hospital yet since everything happened.
We were in a pretty good mood at the hospital and it should be obvious by the second picture. Tim was admitted to his room and we were waiting for the doctors when someone else was brought into the other side of the room. The nurse was instructing her to change and get on the bed when she started breathing funny. We didn’t know what was going on but couldn’t really anything other than listen. A doctor came in and said “How far along are you?” and both of us just paniced. We definitely weren’t ready to be sitting behind a curtain listening to someone give birth, and we didn’t know if the baby was ok since she was so early. All I could think about was her contractions and praying that the baby was ok. They started asking her questions, which now make us a little more sad. Turns out she is 14 (almost 15) and knows when she got pregnant because it was her first time ever. I could not imagine going through all that at 14. And know she has to add the trauma of an early delivery.
Right when this is all happening, a lady comes in to take our insurance information and we can’t really answer her. I had to tell her why we were so freaked out, since it was something more than a cut on the forehead. The best thing was that we heard the heartbeat on the doppler and were so glad that the baby was alive. But I knew I couldn’t handle being in there if they were going to deliver, and almost asked to be moved. This brings me back to the beginning of my story- Penrose Main is not equipped to deliver babies and has no OB’s on staff. Also, the couple’s doctor works with Memorial hospital- they had been instructed to go there but came to Main because it was closer. What were the chances that we’d be put next to a pregnant couple who accidentally came to this hospital? Then to top it off, the doctor that was helping the couple got a phone call from the doctor that delivered Lucy. I don’t think any more memories could’ve been brought up tonight. Fortunately the couple had to be rushed to Memorial since that was where they were supposed to be and we didn’t have to hear anything else.
My suprising comfort was a gift I received today from two dear friends- a beautiful bracelet in memory of Lucy. I had it on when we were in the hospital and I know that it came for a reason today. Tim said that hearing everything was good for him to realize that not every pregnancy ends in silence and he was able to go of some emotions he’d been holding in. God gave us some unexpected therapy tonight.


8 thoughts on “Warning- Long post ahead

  1. thehomespunheart says:

    Oh Amy, this brought tears to my eyes – I admire your openness and your ability to see positive things even in the midst of the heartache.

    Hope Tim’s stitches will heal quickly also…

    Praying peace for you today.

  2. Hannah says:

    I’ve popped over to your blog once in a while from Megan Dunham’s blogroll. When I saw the pictures of Tim you posted, I think I figured out that you two are friends with Tiffany Kimball. She and I went to college together, such a small little bloggy world. My husband and I were out to visit Tiff a few weeks ago and had a wonderful dinner together. She mentioned how much she loves spending time with you both. Anyway, I thought I would just say hello and that I’m praying for you today.

  3. The Sullivans says:

    HA! that is a crazy story. I can picture it, you being the unsympathetic wife. 🙂 Wow, that is all so crazy. God is an interesting God! talk to you soon.

  4. marthahttp://scrapsandrambles.blogspot.com/ says:

    the picture looked like he still needed more stitches! ugh! what a gash! what a providential coincidence as well (re your roommate in the hospital). God brings all kinds of things into our lives when it would be nice to neatly recover from trauma in our own way, doesn’t He? martha

  5. Anonymous says:

    Poor guy! Hope he heals up quickly.

    I really admire the way you are able to look at the experience you had in the ER yesterday in such a positive light and that you are so open to the ways God has been working in your lives through the past month.

    I also think the timing of the bracelet is really neat and an awesome way to remember and honor sweet Lucy.

  6. Aubrey says:

    I just wanted to say that I’ve been thinking about you and your husband and am glad that you are back on the web. You don’t know me, but I come over occasionally from Half Pint House. I’m so sorry for your loss, and appreciate your honesty and willingness to share during this hard time. I hope your husband feels better.

  7. Megan says:

    Is it terrible that I laughed at the pictures of Tim you have posted here? So sorry, Tim… (hee hee, haa um, sorry! really, I’m sorry, giggle…)

    And now for this: I’ve still been thinking of you all the time. For some reason, your blog is not on my Bloglines and I thought it was, so I forgot to come check. Next thing I know you have 40 posts up! And also this: I’ve been meaning to call and thinking about calling, but everytime I do it is either mass chaos around here (and I don’t want to call at a time I can’t hear you or think straight) or it’s too late…


    Love you.

    Also – wow on your final story. Wow.

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