Kansas City is a big city

We made it to “KC” and found wi-fi in our hotel room- which is about the nicest thing about the room. We are staying in The Elms hotel, which is on the historical registry, so it hasn’t been touched for awhile. It’s nice, there just aren’t a lot of in-room amenities.
I guess Al Capone used to hide out here from the cops and play poker, we are staying down the hall from the “Capone Suite”. This is also were Harry Truman was during his election because he thought he was going to lose and was hiding from the press. Seems like it was a popular place to disappear.

There is a Hillbilly convention going on here right now and there are a bunch of Model-T’s out in the parking lot. Tonight they had a banquet and there were a lot of old ladies dressed like flappers.
Even though the room has wi-fi, the connection is so slow that it’s not letting me upload any pictures- so I’ll have to do that tomorrow.

The wedding was nice- it was in the gazebo of the hotel and then the reception was inside. Tim took advantage of the open bar (meaning he had two drinks instead of one!).

We are surviving our trip without Lucy- this was the first time any of Tim’s family was going to see her and she is named after his grandma (who couldn’t make it because she broke her hip). So it’s been a little harder since we had the intent of bringing her. We keep thinking about what we would’ve been doing with her and all that. Today is her one month birthday, but with everything going on I didn’t think about it like I thought I would. Plus the only time I even started crying today was when Wally (the groom) danced to Leann Womack’s “I hope you dance” with his mom. My dad gave me that song when I moved to Colorado and I always wanted it to be my song for Lucy. If you haven’t heard it, it’s the best song for parents and kids- I think it should be the next “Butterfly Kisses”.

That’s all my rambling for now, we are leaving in the morning and we’ll get back to the Springs just in time to watch the Bronco game. Tim’s TV priorities change during football season. And if anyone cares- Peyton and Eli Manning are playing against each other for the first time in their careers tomorrow night- watch it.

Good night everyone!


2 thoughts on “Kansas City is a big city

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad you had a good trip with Tim (and found wi-fi!). You’re right, “I hope you dance” is a really good song for parents and kids. It’s so good that you are so honest with yourself and with your feelings.

    Happy one month birthday Lucy . . .
    We love Amy and are praying for you.

  2. thehomespunheart says:

    Hey Amy – hope you’ve had a safe trip home by now! I can’t imagine how hard it must be to think of each milestone without your precious Lucy with you to share it. Thank you for posting your thoughts – I am continuing to pray.

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