A day in Denver

Tim and I took some friends to the Denver Airport today, so we decided to stay up there for the day. We don’t go up there much for recreation so it was a good break for us. We are also in the final stretch of not having to plan outings around kids or get a babysitter and worry about kids the whole time. So we need to take advantage of that!
We decided to go the cheaper route and walk around the 16th Street Mall. It’s basically the main street of downtown Denver and is a 20 block pedestrian road with free bus transit running the length. There are a variety of stores and restaurants- so you can easily spend a day or two up there. We got to the mall around 10:30 and parked around the middle of the mall. To my personal surpise we only ended up going in two stores! Unheard of for the shopper in me. The first lucky store was in “Lodo” (Lower Downtown), a little more artsy area. It was a book store in an old building called the Tattered Cover. It was great! I felt like I was in Powell’s in Portland- without the used book part. Since it was an old building they had antique/anique looking chairs available everywhere! Best book store seating I’ve ever seen. It was very artsy and independent. I loved it. I wish there was one in the Springs.
We were at the end of the mall at the bookstore, so we got on the bus and rode to the other side of the mall to have lunch and walk back towards our car. We ate at Johnny Rockets, a 50’s diner-ish restaurant. The best part was that it was warm enough to eat outside- very nice.
After lunch we went to our second store- Barnes and Noble. Complete opposite of the Tattered Cover. But, it was across the street from the restaurant and we just wanted to read the books we brought, we weren’t looking for anything spectactular. After Barnes and Noble we got some Starbucks, stared at the tall buildings and then headed home.
We did make one stop on the way home- the Carter’s outlet store in Castle Rock. I wanted to get some newborn kimono shirts. They were having a 50-70% off sale- but I had self control and only got one sleeper with the shirts. I’m going to go back in August with my mom. 🙂

Well, that’s enough for my rambling. It was a great relaxing day and I’m glad we stayed instead of coming right back!


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