The end of an era

I can’t believe it. Today I moved to a cubicle in a different building and am officially out of my office. Both my replacements have started and I am now a part-time employee. It’s a little weird, I’ve been in this office for 2 years- doing the same job, using my cool printer/copier/scanner/fax, having my boss yell from his office when he needed something instead of calling, and in general it being “mine”.
Now I’m with the sales team in a cubicle and people don’t know where I am (which may end up being a blessing as I try to finish a major project before I leave).
So I had a little moment as I realized today was my first step to a whole new part of my life I’ve never experienced. Only 8 weeks until I’m done working and another 2 weeks after that before the baby comes.
I’ll probably go through office withdrawals over the next week or two, even with all my excitement with going to part-time. I hope it won’t be too bad…


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