I can’t believe it actually happened!!

Last week Tim and I decided that we probably weren’t going to get our house sold and God must have another plan for us to stay where we are. I have started to make plans for the nursery and the kids bathroom and even for what we want to keep doing around here.
We also are letting a family stay in our basement in July while they work at Glen Eyrie. BUT… then God does something crazy and we got an offer today, counter offered, and had it accepted- WE SOLD OUR HOUSE! Nine months and 2 realtors later that idea of moving is a reality. Our next hurdle is actually finding a house to move into- fairly easy compared to what we have endured. One thing I’ve learned over this whole ordeal: Tim and I are capable of keeping our house clean. I know that is hard to believe, but we’ve done it. Even when showings haven’t been scheduled our house is clean. And we’ve developed a pretty good system that gets our house totally clean in less than an hour- even with vaccuming.
Sometime in the next week we are going full blast on finding a house and we’ll be all moved out by June 30th. Never thought this day would come…

Yeah God!


3 thoughts on “I can’t believe it actually happened!!

  1. Timmay! says:

    And then some silly people got divorced…

    Divorce, it destroys families, hurts children and dogs, and now it unsells houses.

    Oh well, God will bring the right buyer around in HIS time. It’s not his fault if all of our watches are set way too fast.

  2. Amy says:

    Just to clarify- WE are NOT the people getting divorced… 🙂 Our buyers are backing out because of their divorce. Here we go all over again! Just when I was liking not having the house clean all the time…

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