The Blessings of a Newsletter

I’ve gotten two emails today from old friends back home. Why? Because I sent out my FINAL newsletter for The Navigators and it hit their mailboxes today. So my friends emailed me saying good luck and congrats. It was fun to hear from them and a good reminder that people actually did read my newsletter these past 5 years while I worked here. (Dunham’s yours is on it’s way, I keep forgetting to get your address at home and bring it to work).

More important than my due date countdown is my count down to switching to part-time: 16 DAYS! Looking very forward to this change and to be able to get stuff done at home for once in my life. (As long as I’m not sleeping!)

In baby update news: I had an appointment with my doctor last Thursday and my belly is growing the recommended 3 centimeters a week (I asked if it was 3 inches more and my doctor laughed at me and said inches would be real funny- hey I’ve never done this before!). I have an ultrasound tomorrow and we’ll be able to see her growth. So far I’ve learned that I shouldn’t have this for every pregnancy- it’s a developmental thing specific to each pregnancy. I can’t do anything to help her grow, which is good since I don’t really know how my body is growing her anyway. And I should go full term unless they see a change in growth and then the doctor will enduce her early to get her away from relying on the umbilical cord. If I get pictures with every ultrasound it will be fun to compare her growth through each picture- I’ll post one tomorrow if I do.
Seven months down, two to go!


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