I wish the stork really did come

I officially waddle. Yep- I can’t comfortably walk without a slight sway. It’s not the most fun realization to come to. I also hit the “I’m six months pregnant and feel fat” stage of the pregnancy. Three more months. But- to help out I’ve got friends from college coming through the Springs this summer- a fun break since I won’t be able to go anywhere out of town.

One month until I go to part time! I checked out a book from the library that was recommended in my pregnancy organizer about going from working to being a stay at home mom. Don’t know if I need a book to tell me- but I thought it may be interesting.

Oh- my mom now has a blog! Never thought that day would come. So check out my mom’s new site!

Happy May Day!


One thought on “I wish the stork really did come

  1. Joani says:

    I love your blog – it reminds me of all sorts of things I should keep track of. I just checked my bank account. Then I looked up the definition of a neutron (kidding) and I’m feeling like I’m caught up now =).

    I’ll be praying about the umbilical cord (thankfully I don’t have to worry about checking an ultrasound for that – yet).

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