God’s our protection against identity theft!!

This morning I was looking at our checking account online. The 17th is always a day where our automatic payments show up before Tim’s paycheck does, so it looks like we have no money. Even though I know the check is there, I always make sure it posted the next morning.
Today I noticed an authorization for 12.27. Normally not a problem. BUT, we had just decided to go back to using our mileage card instead of our bank card, which made me wonder about the charge. The company was “Shell…” with some words that I didn’t recognize. Tim said that he had bought gas yesterday but had used the other card and went to a Diamond Shamrock, not a Shell station. That charge plus a random charge to a Santa Fund Trust (who knows???) prompted me to call the bank this morning.

At first they wanted to make sure that I wasn’t giving to a charity that I forgot about or just didn’t know my bank account. Trust me, we know where we give and we know what we spend.
Then she told me that I had to wait for the charge to post before I could dispute it (not a problem, that would be tomorrow). Then she did tell me that the charge was made with Tim’s card and at 2:41 AM. We were both definitly asleep and didn’t randomly make a charge.

I hung up with the bank expecting to go in tomorrow and be able to find out more about the charge. When I came home for lunch Tim told me the bank had called and tracked the charge to MALAYSIA!!! Somebody got Tim’s charge card number (fortunately the bank doesn’t think they have our checking account #) and had tried to charge more to the card. Thanks to our wierd situation every month- there were no funds for them to take out! Somehow though they were able to get the $12.

Who needs identity theft protection when you have God making sure they try the one time we don’t have money in our account. That’s all the protection I need!


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