We’re going to Denver

Tomorrow is our third anniversary- crazy. My cousin is getting married on Saturday and we are flying to Idaho on Thursday morning, so Tim and I are going to celebrate in Denver!
Our other two anniversaries we have just gone out to a nice dinner- so this will be fun. We are having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then going to a Nuggets game! I’ve wanted to go to a game since I moved here (every good Oregonian loves basketball!) and tomorrow we’ll see them play the Spurs. I still want to go sometime when they play the Blazers- but maybe that will be our next anniversary. 🙂 After the game we’ll stay at a hotel by the airport so we can get out on time.

I’m halfway pregnant. The belly is starting to show and I only have two pairs of regular pants left that I can wear (the were really big pre-pregnancy). The dress that I bought two size too big for my cousin’s wedding almost doesn’t fit and didn’t even have to be altered.

More news later, some friends just stopped by.


2 thoughts on “We’re going to Denver

  1. Timmay! says:

    3 years ago we pledged our lives to each other. 3 years later you see how I got the better deal.

  2. cherice says:

    Happy anniversary! I remember that day three years ago…I hope you had fun in Denver and Idaho!

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