Yes, I’m still alive- and still very present on th…

Yes, I’m still alive- and still very present on the blogosphere, I’ve just always been a better reader than a writer.

My main point for my post today is this: Moms (or anyone with an opinion)- what is your take on diapers? Not should you wear them or not, but cloth vs disposible, huggies vs pampers, convienence vs environmental responsibility, etc, etc. Tim and I are pretty much decided on cloth, but since I get funny looks when I say that, I thought I’d ask why other people made the decisions you did. We will have disposible around for necessary occasions, but not going to use them often.

Note #2: I think we’ve officially surpassed the Dunham record for having our house on the market. We listed it in August of ’05- six months ago (almost 7)! In that time we had about 25 showings (unheard of having so few). Our realtor went on maternity leave right when our contract ended, so we listed with a new realtor on March 1st. We had six showings in the 1st three days and had an open house today that had 40 people come and lasted 45 min longer than advertised. There were even 3 cars waiting five minutes before the open house started! So here’s praying that someone loved the house and is going to put an offer on it (there are a couple of “hot” leads from the open house). I’ll keep you updated, we could be somewhere else next month!

I’ll be posting more baby stuff from now on, I think he/she is starting to move- I just can’t tell exactly what is happening in my stomach. And in one month from today we find out if we are having a he or a she.

Good night.

PS. Tim says the Oscars are one big shameless plug. We’ve watched about a hour of old movie montages and actors telling us to not pirate movies.

4 thoughts on “Yes, I’m still alive- and still very present on th…

  1. cherice says:

    Hey Amy! I’m glad you posted something–good to get the update. I agree about the Oscars…I wrote a blog about it yesterday too.

    I haven’t had kids so it’s easy for me to say cloth on the diaper question, but I can imagine it would be a more gross option…but hey, they did it for thousands and thousands of years before this, so we can probably handle it now, right? I think your kid(s) will appreciate a cleaner environment in the future! =)

  2. thehomespunheart says:

    Hi Amy!

    Our ultrasound is tomorrow to find out if we are expecting a girl or a boy – I’m surprised yours is so much later! And, I’ve been feeling the baby move this last week especially, so I’m sure that is what you’re feeling! 🙂

    We did disposables for the first few weeks just to get into the swing of things and then did cloth until about two weeks ago. Mainly because my pregnancy smell-issue couldn’t handle it as much and her diapers have gotten a lot more stinky with solid foods.

    I never thought cloth were a pain and I felt good saving so much money and trash!

    I would really recommend these covers as they are awesome and can go right in the wash and dryer with the diapers! I have used a couple of other kinds, but these were my favorite. You can shop around and you should definitely be able to get at least free shipping.

    My friend suggested the following diapers and they are awesome! You will find that the Target or Wal-Mart cloth diapers just won’t hold up through lots and lots of washings. We have three dozen each of two sizes and that has been plenty for us. They are still in perfect shape for baby #2!

    Hope all this helps!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Amy- I have a friend that is a staunch environmentalist, and she said that she thoroughly researched the issue, and she ended up using biodegradable disposables. The reason is that it takes just as many earth depleteing resources…water, soap, energy, to wash the diapers, as it would to use disposables that fill up land fills. It ends up being 6 of one, half dozen of the other. So if you are looking at it from a strictly environmental perspective, it does not do the earth that much good ot use cloth…thought you might like to know…Congratulations by the way!

    Sara Hohnstein

  4. Megan says:

    I’m so sorry to hear your house hasn’t sold yet. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we had to have ours totally painted before anyone made us an offer. All that creativity and time and hard work – washed white. People just have no vision anymore…

    As for the diapers, we’ve done both with all four at various times and though we are dirt poor right now, I gave up the cloth for good when we moved in here. The cheap yellow package at Walmart works A-OK and it is completely worth it to me to not mess with the clean up anymore (plus we honestly do not have the space for a diaper pail in this apartment). For the record, all of my supplies were purchased at Wal-mart/Target and held up fine…

    Just follow your heart. That’s what I do.


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