Confession #1 So today I did something that I can…

Confession #1

So today I did something that I can’t believe has taken this long. Two years ago I went to the library once and got a library card. TWO YEARS LATER I finally checked out a book, my first book checked out from Colorado. Yes Megan, I can’t believe it actually took me that long! I’m embarassed to even admit that.

So what did I check out you might ask? What took me two years to finally find my library card, sign it and use it? Answer: Fast Food Nation. Three reasons I decided to check this out: 1) he spent a lot of time in Colorado Springs doing “research”- that could be an interesting study since I live here 2) While I don’t eat often at fast food restaurants- it is a good study to see why we are a fast food nation, how we became that, and what I can do as a new mom to make sure my kids don’t get addicted to fast foods. 3) For a while I would buy the book if I wanted to read it, but being the post-Christmas money crunch it’s just easier to check it out rather than find the used bookstore or online store that will be the cheapest.

Here’s to this first check-out leading to many more!


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