End of the Spear I just got home from watching th…

End of the Spear

I just got home from watching the Jim Elliot story End of the Spear. I say it’s the Jim Elliot story because he’s who people recognize. It was actually about a fellow missionary- Nate Saint and his son’s ministry after they were killed. I knew that the movie would be good- I just didn’t realize how powerful it really would be.
I didn’t know much about the missionaries that went to the tribe in Ecuador. I have only read one of Elisabeth Elliot’s books (the one on relationships!), so I didn’t realize the doors their deaths directly opened. The widows all returned to the natives and lived with them- some for their entire lives. I’m sure if the men had stayed alive the tribe would’ve been reached, but God used the killing to convict these tribesmen and lead them to Christ.
I spent the movie desiring to go to unreached people groups, then changing my mind (too dangerous), then changing it back (not too dangerous for the work getting done). I don’t think God is asking me to go to undiscovered people groups, but I am thinking about my calling and where God is asking me to go.
So go see this movie, bring your kleenex, and watch how God can work in any circumstance.


2 thoughts on “End of the Spear I just got home from watching th…

  1. thehomespunheart says:

    Thanks, Amy for the review! I had heard mixed things before it came out and after reading your thoughts, can’t wait to see it!

  2. Michael says:

    you should go to the NFC website and listen to the service from Jan. 8 (i think). Bill Cathers shared his faithwalk and focused his sharing on his friendship with Jim Elliot. Bill was supposed to be in Ecuador ministering to the Auca with Jim. Bill should have been killed too. Listen to it, its crazy to hear him share about it, especially since you’ve seen the rest of the story.

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