My Thanksgiving in Iowa! I’m sitting here burning…

My Thanksgiving in Iowa!

I’m sitting here burning some CD’s for my friend, so I thought I’d update you on my Thanksgiving (with pictures!).

Every year Tim and I go to Iowa and have Thanksgiving with his grandparents and aunts and uncles. So I’m actually getting used the 12 hour drive across Nebraska! (Ok, it’s only 6 through Nebraska, but you feel like you are there a lot longer than that.) This year we found the closest Starbucks to the freeway in Omaha (15th and Douglass) and we were able to make an “only three hours left” coffee purchase.

Every year in North Platte, NE we pass this gas station. It makes me laugh so hard, and I never get a picture of it, so this year I did it! My question is: Is there a contest that decides the “Best Looking Cashiers” or is it purelly subjective?

This year instead of staying at Tim’s Grandparents house and having everyone come over for the Thanksgiving festivities, we went to his aunt and uncle’s farm!
It probably wasn’t as big or fun as the farm the Half Pints went to, but there were cows! We went out and stared at the cows like city folk, and took pictures like we’ve never seen cows before. But hey, at least I knew heifers are girls and bulls are boys! Here is my favorite cow, affectionally named after Tim’s cousin Michelle:
Just look at the power and intimidation she has with that nose ring!

Good news: we totally missed the *blizzard* by coming home on Saturday. Nothing even touched Colorado Springs on Sunday or today.

******This just in:
The Rolling Stones will be performing at the Super Bowl Halftime. *************


2 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving in Iowa! I’m sitting here burning…

  1. thehomespunheart says:

    My parents drove through North Platte to IA as well – and mostly missed the blizzard. I’ve been through there, but never saw the cashier sigh! Funny – glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

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