A week in review: Sunday- Hosted a going away par…

A week in review:

Sunday- Hosted a going away party for our friend Drew– he is a marine and will be going to Iraq for a year. Pray for him and his wife Debby.

Monday- Was supposed to have my Pampered Chef cluster meeting at my house. Ended up that the leader got sick AND it snowed all night. Spent the evening making muffins and surfing the internet.

Tuesday- Watched “The Biggest Loser”, got super bummed out that Amazing Race wasn’t on this week. Ended up watching My Name is Earl, The Office, and Law & Order with Tim

Wednesday- Bible Study at Drew and Debby’s, had a good conversation about I Corinthians Chapter 13. I need to work on loving even the unlovable and view people as God views them.
Watched the taped episode of Martha Stewart Apprentice

Thursday- We were supposed to move some of our stuff to our storage unit, but the truck we were going to borrow wasn’t available SO guess what: Joey, Will and Grace, Trump Apprentice, and ER.

Friday- Tim got a last minute ticket to the Colorado College hockey game with a friend and left me at home. I have a training to give on Tuesday for our reservation system, so I spent the last two hours going over the procedures and watched “Guess Who”. I worked on a craft project I’m trying out for Christmas presents, and now I’m having tea!

Man, I need to get a hobby or something.


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