Tim and I have been to one concert together: Nicke…

Tim and I have been to one concert together: Nickel Creek at the Roseland in Portland. Probably one of the best concerts I have ever been to. So we were really excited when we saw that they are taking their third CD on tour (yeah!). We put a reminder in our calendars for the pre-sale tickets dates, and last night we got them. Our very own tickets to Nickel Creek at the Fillmore.
Then, I was browsing on their website last night and noticed they were performing on Conan. Instead of going to bed when we were already really tired, we stayed up two hours longer to watch them perform. Still haven’t figured out if the performance was good enough to have stayed up that long, but definitely made us excited to go. Can’t wait for December 1st!

On another note, Puddle gets her first obedience school class today! We have a hyper puppy (she’s really good, just like to run around the house as fast as she can), so she’s going to learn manners (according to the trainer, not us). We have five sessions to go to and then we’ll see how she does.


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