This one’s for my husband I think that Timbo’s jo…

This one’s for my husband

I think that Timbo’s job may actually be giving him more internet time because he’s been bugging me lately to blog. So here is the second post written just for him.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy blogging, I just find that when I actually think of something to write about, the computer is the one thing I don’t have for the equation.

-Went to Oregon, did a lot and talked to a lot of people, I had a great vacation. I even spent an hour in the car driving to a reception thinking about things I could write. I didn’t get near a computer for two days after that and don’t remember a thing I was going to write about.

-My friend Leslie came to visit. Granted I’m still in the window for that post (she left yesterday afternoon), but at work I don’t really have the time.

But just now I thought of something to write about and now I am. Here goes:

My senior year in college I was in student government. Every year our school put on a student leadership conference and would have hospitality boxes to give to all the attendees. The year before someone had donated a GIANT bag of chocolate covered espresso beans. So many that we were still eating during my senior year while we were in our office. I have great memories of being up at 2 in the morning with other officers, trying to do our homework but being so wired that we were bouncing off the walls.
I haven’t had them much since then, but I always get nostalgic when I eat them. Last Christmas during the Christmas celebration we have at Glen Eyrie, chocolate covered espresso beans were the garnish for the bread pudding. And guess what! I was in the kitchen last week and there was still about a zip lock baggy of beans left over and they gave them to me!!!
It may not be the best thing for me to have in my office, but I’m glad to have some “comfort food” with me during the day!


3 thoughts on “This one’s for my husband I think that Timbo’s jo…

  1. r.m. says:

    mmmm. yes i love the chocolate covered espresso beans! i also love the fact that verizon has failed to change my addy — sorry dinky! i’ll give you my address in d-town ;o)

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