You’re Outta Style I just watched the last ten min…

You’re Outta Style
I just watched the last ten minutes of Tommy Hillfigers attempt to be like Donald Trump. My favorite part: instead of getting fired you are “out of style” and have to walk the runway. Ha! Tommy, just design clothes, don’t try to have a T.V. career. I think that Trump is already so over the top that doing TV is expected for him. But Tommy Hillfiger is normal enough that it just seems odd.

Speaking of TV, I was watching my DVD’s of the Felicity Series and realized that I haven’t gotten into a really good drama lately. Here is my definition of a good drama (feel free to interject yours here): If a drama can have cliffhangers on the episodes, not just the finale, then it’s good. Acting can be good or bad, but if I’m freaking out at the :59 mark of the show because I want to know what happens next, then I love it. My problem right now- I’m torn between wanting to find the good addictive show, but not wanting to find it so that it doesn’t control my life. Then I know there are shows I should watch (Lost and 24) but am I too late?????

So right now I’m stuck with shows like “Beauty and the Geek”, good entertainment, nothing much else. Fortunately I can watch it once and never blink an eye if I don’t see it again.

2 thoughts on “You’re Outta Style I just watched the last ten min…

  1. Timmay! says:

    From your definition of what you are seeking, I recommend Star Trek: The Next Generation. Plenty of cliff hangers and love triangle, squares pentagons, and all sorts of polygon/polyhedrons.

    What will Picard do next!?

  2. el fantastico says:

    i recommend you check out the dvds of moonlighting. it was a great show, full of fun and serious and creativity. AND that is the great thing about dvds, you can watch when you have time and energy to commit. weekly tv is so inconvenient–unless you have tivo.

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