Good Friends I got to see my friend Josh today! I …

Good Friends
I got to see my friend Josh today! I haven’t seen him since my senior year of college, and he was driving through on his way to Texas. We worked together at Twin Rocks, a camp and conference center on the Oregon Coast. It was fun to be able to sit down with him and not feel like it’s been over four years since we last saw each other. And he hadn’t met Tim yet, so that was fun.

Here are a couple of thoughts I’ve had in the past few days that I didn’t blog about yet…

So Tim and I have been volunteering at a local Soup Kitchen for two Saturdays now. It’s run by the Catholic Church but different churches have a day to cook. The first time was a good experience, Saturdays they get the most volunteers so we sat around a bit. I got to run the scanner for their demographic tracking, so I had a good idea of the kind of people that come through there. There is a security guard that works there for almost every meal and has really created some good relationships with the people. He knows their names, ages, and the things about their lives that got them to this stage of life.
This past Saturday Tim and I were the typical middle class couple trying to feel good about themselves. We know God wants us to do this but then we bring our nice Starbucks coffee mugs in the morning, take a break and walk to the closest Starbucks and bring it back right in front of a long line of people waiting for their lunch (and possibly only meal). So God decided to see how we’d respond by having a man sitting outside of the kitchen when we left. He looked at us and saw our mugs and asked if we could spare a mug (you know, those nice travel kind that keep your coffee warm). For a split second we both almost said no, looked at each other and then gave him one of our mugs. Interestingly, or maybe showing our tendency to still want to hold on to “our” stuff, we gave him the one that is older and a little bit broken, instead of the one with the nice handle that he could clip to his pack. So now this week we both have been thinking about what our possessions actually mean to us and if we hold on to “stuff” more than God ever asked us to. We definitely don’t deserve the stuff we have, so are we truly aware and do what we can with we have? I guess that’s something we have to remind ourselves our whole lives.

-Shoot, I forgot my other thing I was thinking about writing. I’ll write it later…


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