SINGLE and HAPPY?????? I attended the graduation a…

SINGLE and HAPPY??????
I attended the graduation at George Fox this past weekend to watch my little brother graduate! It was all fun and stuff, the typical graduation time. Lots of questions for him about if he’s excited to graduate, is he satisfied with his school experience, yada yada yada.
Sometimes people decorate the graduation caps with silly quotes (one said “heck yes!” :), or maybe they’ll put a funky design on it, and even the occasional “hi mom”. Well I saw one that that was an interesting commentary on the life of a graduating female- “single and happy”. The people behind me saw it and said “if she has to write it she probably isn’t”. Where in the world did we come up with the idea that you are only a person if you are dating or even married when you graduate from college? She is obviously not content with herself if she has to point it out to the entire auditorium! We definitely need to be in God’s plan for who we are and what we want to be (check out Twentysomeone by Craig Dunham and Doug Serven), and that might just include being single and unhappy sometimes.


8 thoughts on “SINGLE and HAPPY?????? I attended the graduation a…

  1. r.m. says:

    …the plug i mean, and good point ames…i think mine would have said: “single and happily looking” (j/k) or maybe “single because I’m too happy” or “too happy to be single”??!!! or maybe i’m just over-caffeinated!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i like the comment on the grad cap. hello…this was at GEORGE FOX!!!! the land where people practically look at you funny if you don’t come out of there with a husband. the old saying “ring by spring” wasn’t started for nothing! props to her!


  3. Craig says:

    Shameless plug or not (Timbo), thanks, Amy, for the props.

    I probably wouldn’t judge too many conclusions from her slogan as that’s all it is; the question is what does she really think about who she is and do her actions represent her well in that regard?

    I imagine she put on the sign not for her sake but for the sake of the George Fox crowd who were anticipating some kind of “ring by spring” thing as Angela alluded to.

    Christian culture (or more accurately, sub-culture perhaps?) can be a lot of pressure.

    Miss you guys.

  4. el fantastico says:

    couple of thoughts:

    1–what is it about small, christian colleges that STILL perpetuate this seemingly rampant need for finding spouses? (i understand it historically but why does it still have saliency now?)

    2–why we gotta keep a sister down if’n she wants to thumb her nose at the establishment??? i say more power to a strong, independent woman who flies in the face of convention.

    3–to anonymous, wow ang, i could totally hear you speaking your post.

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