Little things make my day I have this strange affi…

Little things make my day
I have this strange affinity towards office supplies. I could spend hours in Staples and be perfectly content looking at all the fun ways to improve my workspace clutter. The pens are fascinating, and I can’t seem to pull myself away from cool paper and notepads (even more so now that they have post-its in shapes!).
The height of my office product coveting has probably occured moments ago, when I searched for the new “Desk Apprentice” designed and created for the NBC show “The Apprentice“. I saw it last night on the show and it is really cool, and for sale!
So I’m sitting here in my office thinking about how my life would be somehow easier if I had it, knowing that it most likely won’t, and still wishing very hard to get it.

2 pm update- I went into Staples to see this thing of beauty for myself. But, they are only selling them online right now, AND they are sold out. I’ll try my luck next week…


2 thoughts on “Little things make my day I have this strange affi…

  1. Monica says:

    Looks like a great organizational tool! Have you ever seen “Cleen Sweep”? I love watching the clutter turn to organization and it motivates me to do more organizing at my house. Make sure to post if you get one and how you like it!

  2. Amy says:

    Don’t even get me started on “Clean Sweep”! I use it partly as motivation to NEVER let my house get that bad (clutter is fine but you need to be able to walk through a room). Every time I watch it I have these urges to clean and organize for about three or four days!
    Love it!

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