It’s a Blizzardin’ Here Yesterday we started getti…

It’s a Blizzardin’ Here
Yesterday we started getting predictions for 8-12 inches of snow, starting sometime after 8pm. Tim and I were helping out at a Junior/Senior High lock-in for our church. At 7 pm nothing was happening yet, so we weren’t sure if this was one of those mis-predictions we often have. At 1 am we did a location switch (the guys initially started at the church and then went to the arcade; the girls started at the arcade and then went to a house).
Sad to say that I was up at 4 am when it STILL hadn’t started snowing. I got to go to sleep (yeah!) for a couple of hours and the next time I woke up there was a dusting on the ground, but none was on the road. By 7:30 (an hour later) it was crazy outside! It’s super windy and lots of snow everywhere so visibility was super low.
We got all the kids back to the church, church was cancelled (as were most of the churches in town), and we had our friends that were also helping over for the pancake breakfast we missed by ending early.
So the report is there’s probably 6-8 inches out there, it could be more, it’s still windy so I can’t tell even if it’s still snowing. Good report though- our Directv satellite still works!
I might be in my house for a couple of days…


2 thoughts on “It’s a Blizzardin’ Here Yesterday we started getti…

  1. Megan says:

    Thinking of you out there in blizzard conditions! Here we are in shorts and bare feet, playing out in the screened-in back porch.


    Miss you.

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