no ice cream here My office is located in General …

no ice cream here
My office is located in General Palmer’s Creamery. It’s this small building with three offices behind the Glen Eyrie Castle. I like my office a lot. In fact, it once belonged to Monica, who claims it is the best office on the Glen (I might just agree!). I moved in here in July and the one thing you need to know about Glen Eyrie in the summer time is that there are a lot of tourists.
As I was getting settled into my new office I left the door open a lot to let the cool Colorado air in. For the rest of the summer I would constantly get people talking loudly up to the building, mostly looking for ice cream (makes sense, the sign says “creamery”), and then get real embarrased and tiptoe away when they would see me working. Mostly I pretended that I didn’t hear them. This summer my boss and I are talking about getting a fridge and selling ice cream from my office, it could grow into quite a business!
But today I heard the funniest explanation of what our building is. I was walking to my car for lunch and a family was in the parking lot to get their picture taken (also a normal sight), when one of the teenagers pointed at the creamery and wanted to go see it. The lady taking the picture (who seemed like she knew what she was doing around here) just shrugged a little and said “oh, that’s just the infirmary” with almost a little disgust in her voice. Not only do we have a huge sign on the building, there would be no reason whatsoever for us to have an infirmary on our property. To me it was histerical.


One thought on “no ice cream here My office is located in General …

  1. Monica says:

    That’s funny – I haven’t heard it called that before! But, I’ve told my share of people that there was no ice cream available! Isn’t that the GREATEST office? I loved it! Glad to know someone else is enjoying it now!

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