I smell like gasoline Today I spent 7 hours with f…

I smell like gasoline
Today I spent 7 hours with four college students painting a staff house on Glen Eyrie (the conference center that I work at). They are here for their spring break working with their Navigators groups (college ministry). We have students from Indiana University and West Texas A&M. It was a lot of fun! I normally am at my computer and pretty much in my office ALL THE TIME! I get out, but not do anything other than go the bathroom or copy something. So the next couple of days are going to be a lot of fun.
We painted the staff laundry room, which was very hard considering that the plaster was falling off the brick. I got very good at making the paint “glue” the plaster back on. After that we went to clean the brushes. I didn’t even pay attention to what kind of paint that we were using. Nor do I know much about paint! Fortunately we looked like we knew what we were doing when we took the oil based paint to the diesel tank to clean it. We got all the brushes clean but now my car, my coat, my hands, my arms, my clothes, everything, smells like diesel. Mix that with paint fumes and that’s a recipe to get high. Good thing I didn’t, we took plenty of fresh air breaks.
Then after lunch we were supposed to paint the stairwell and hallway in the same building, but had to get paint first. The buckets we were told about that had the colors on the top, did not. And they were stacked on top of each other behind a wall of cement, all in gray buckets with numbers on them. After getting a couple of guys to help us lift the extremely heavy paint buckets, we grabbed what we thought was white for the trim (it said white on the side). We opened the can to find gray! Not going to work.
So I drove back to the paint shed to get this one bucket that we thought was white in the first place. When I brought that back and opened it, it was this creamy yellow stuff that looked more like mayonnaise or butter than it did paint. Try three! This time we found white, but it had never been mixed, and that wasn’t going to happen by hand. Meanwhile there was a bucket of paint in the building we were painting, and I waisted a bunch of time going back and forth. It wasn’t white either, but by then we were committed. So now the dirty white trim is a soft creamy yellow. And we got all the trim done in an hour and a half!
Tomorrow comes the walls…


2 thoughts on “I smell like gasoline Today I spent 7 hours with f…

  1. Timmay! says:

    If you want to master your paint skills, there is some more painting for you when you get home!!!

    Remember the Karate kid and “paint the fence.”

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