Eleven Days! I’m so excited! Only 11 days until Se…

Eleven Days!
I’m so excited! Only 11 days until Season 4 of Felicity comes out! I have been waiting to see it for three years now, and it comes out on March 8th (which is also the same day the Friends Season Nine comes out). I always celebrate a release of a new season by watching the previous seasons. So I am watching Episode two of Season One. Tim is playing poker at his friend’s house, so I’ll get a good amount of Felicity in tonight.
And I have a new Felicity buddy. My friend Angela and I watched almost every episode together for two years, and then when I moved to Colorado, we called each other week and talked about it. I gave my DVD’s to Jo
and she watched them in like a week and a half. So when I get the 4th season, we are just going to have a Felicity marathon.

Puddle has been playing with a ball of yarn the last couple of days. When she does she gets all tangled up in the yarn and drags the yarn all over the house. It’s been funny to watch her.


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